ES Precision completed its second trading year this summer and reports another year of growth in its machining and laser processing work.Profits generated are reinvested in the business; last year in a new UV laser and this year in an automated machining centre.

The Haas Mini Mill 2 allows ES to bid for higher volume milling jobs than previously, extending our market beyond the prototype and 1-off work previously sought.
With a capacity of 500 x 400 x 350mm and an auto tool changer, the machine is ideally suited to medium volume aluminium and steel machining. For those what want components to be permanently laser marked, the other side of ES Precision’s business represents a ‘one stop shop’ for part manufacture.ES now has 8 laser systems using Vanadate, Nd:YAG, Fibre and CO2 sources as well as the new frequency-tripled Vanadate UV source. ES is happy to mark sample parts to find the best solution for any company that needs permanent product identification, decoration or functional marking/engraving/surface modification.
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