Takeaway without the Throwaway

Reusable Food Containers Laser Marked for Reliable Tracking

Founded in London in 2019, Cauli provides award-winning, tech-enabled reuse solutions to disrupt the disposable food & drink packaging market.

The high quality, 100% recyclable CauliBoxes for food and CauliCups for beverages such as coffee can be used more than 400 times. 

Within the circular system that Cauli has created, the packaging is used, collected, washed and reused, eliminating single-use waste and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 92% versus commercial compostables.

Integral to the concept is package labelling that facilitates product tracking via a unique QR code on each reusable container. The mark needs to have excellent contrast and be capable of withstanding over 400 cycles of transportation, heating, and washing. Labels that have insufficient permanence and in-mould data cannot easily be individualised to each item and has limited contrast.

ES Precision tested several different laser technologies on the BPA-free polypropylene containers before settling on the superb result generated by their UV laser. The laser achieves a beautiful white mark by microscopically foaming the plastic surface, without adding any noticeable thermal discolouration owing to its high energy/low residual heat characteristics.

The product is a great example that challenges the lazy attitude “if it gets recycled, that’s OK”. Recycling materials is often not enough; products need reusing in order to make a far greater sustainable impact, reducing CO2 emissions and plastic waste. However, reusable packaging must be trackable and reused a minimum number of times to be truly sustainable. CauliBox’s mobile app, coupled with smart return kiosks, CauliKiosks, provides tracking via QR codes, so the packaging always comes back in circulation.

More information on fine laser processing at www.esprecision.co.uk