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In October 2017, ES Precision Ltd opened its doors to offer laser processing and traditional low volume/prototype machining to industries such as medical device, Formula 1, aerospace, electronics and general engineering. Business grew rapidly and there are now 6 staff busy running jobs on the 8 laser workstations and 3 CNC machining centres, in our modern premises at Kingston Business Park, between Oxford and Swindon.


The aim of the business is to provide a personal, flexible service with reliable shipments of components. Directors Tim Millard and Andy May have over 50 years of combined experience with industrial laser processing.
The lasers include:
  • Fibre laser marker – ideal for laser engraving and etching metals
  • End-pumped vanadate laser engravers – for laser marking most metals, ceramics and plastics
  • UV Vanadate marker – for colour-change laser etching of tough-to-mark plastics
  • 90W high power multimode YAG laser markers
  • 200W CO2 galvo-delivered source which can laser drill and cut organic materials at very high speed
  • 30W CO2 laser with automatic reel-to-reel feeding for laser etching and cutting custom labels
  • *NEW* – 100W galvo fibre erosion cutter for metals up to 2mm


We laser mark, etch and engrave:

Modern laser technology means that marks produced are of the highest quality. The tool room facility ES Precision Ltd can fabricate fixtures so that repeat customers are guaranteed consistent results. The business model needs customers who have a regular permanent identification or decorative need for their products, so ensuring every customer is happy with our service is of course vital.

ES Precision Ltd also offers the tool room and experienced operators for low-volume milling and turning, aimed at prototype and small batch production, with the same care and attention to detail.

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Global Sales Manager, COAX Connectors LTD, Twickenham, UK

“The level of service and quality of laser marking has been pivotal in helping us grow our brand globally.”

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