ES Precision Ltd offers high-quality laser marking, etching and engraving services in various materials, such as metals, wood, fabric and plastic. For more information on the marking services we offer in Oxfordshire and across the UK, just give us a call


Laser engraving and marking has a variety of industrial applications; any conceivable information, pattern, graphic or serial number can be permanently marked onto virtually any material.

Here are some examples from several of the markets we serve:

Medical Device

Surgical tools and implants need unique traceability for life, without addition of inks or labels.


ID Matrix coding without degradation of component integrity.


Fuel fill, tyre pressure and VIN labels need to withstand weathering, solvents, high temperatures and be tamper-evident.


Scales, graphics and company logos can be marked onto metal or plastic.

Decorative, jewellery and giftware

Corporate logos and business-to-business personalisation of cool bottles, flasks, etc.

Why is laser engraving a favoured method?

  • Permanent and attractive marks
  • High resolution, detailed graphics and fonts
  • Sequential serial numbers and part data
  • Economic for small batches or very high volume
  • Great finish on nearly all materials: Metals,
  • plastics, ceramics and organics

Owner, Handmade Horseshoe Gifts

“Thank you so much for the professional engraving that you do for Handmade Horseshoe Gifts, there are very few engravers that can engrave the hearts used for this business as they are naturally uneven. I am very aware of the effort involved at times and realise that I am probably a very small part of the business and yet you put yourselves out and provide a professional job, even when it’s short notice. Thank you.”

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