ES Precision uses five different laser technologies to find the best wavelength to drill or perforate tiny holes in thin materials. We can process thin metals and plastics and organics of several millimetres.


Using lasers that operate at various wavelengths (IR, UV and near-IR), we can create holes of any size or shape in thin materials. Percussion drilling helps us to rapidly create round holes or perforations in precise patterns whilst trepanning allows us to create holes of any size or shape. With our efficient, high-quality services, we can create the patterns you need based on the specifications you provide.

Advantages of drilling with lasers:

  • Non-contact nature of laser drilling facilitates
  • processing of thin films and fragile components
  • High peak power lasers result in very limited heat affected areas
  • Complete computer control ensures repeatability of perforations and patterning

Debbie Craig

“HandmadeHorseshoes Gifts are a very small business for ES Precision Ltd
I feel lucky to have found them and for them to take on my small business the engraving to the hearts is a specialised job as the hearts are uneven I would not go anywhere else . It is always a personal service and the pride in what they do is clear in the end result.”

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