ES Precision can supply sticky labels of any shape which have several characteristics which make them perfect for asset tracking, warranty claim security and production tracking. The label material willalready be familiar to many motorists as car manufacturers use such material for tyre pressure and fuel type labels (see Figure 1).

The combination of ES Precision’s industrial lasers and the tesa® tape material delivers the following unique characteristics:

  • Labels can be any shape or size and, since the laser that marks the label also cuts out the label shape, there is no kiss-cutting blade to be manufactured. Truly digital manufacturing like this means that small quantities of unusually-shaped labels are economically feasible. Further, labels can be shaped to whatever space is available on a product. An example might be an in-process tracking barcode label on a tightly-packed printed circuit board.
  • Tamper-evidence. Once stuck and left to cure for several hours the labels cannot be transferred. Any attempt to do so will result in the label being destroyed (see Figure 2). This characteristic is necessary to avoid warranty fraud whereby a new label is transferred to a faulty old part to make an illegal claim. Small labels saying ‘warranty void if damaged’ are invaluable to ensure that if electronic products are tampered with or packages opened, then warranty is void.
  • Temperature resistance. With an ability to withstand temperatures up to 270°C and down to -40°C, the laser marked labels are surprisingly resilient and can also replace riveted metal rating plates in many cases. Tiny tracking barcodes on PCBs will withstand wave- or IR-reflow soldering production methods.
  • Outdoor weathering. Already proven to last the lifetime of modern cars, the above temperature range
  • compatibility combined with UV-, chemical- and humidity-aging resistance makes the laser labels suitable for demanding tracking, advisory or traceability purposes.
  • Highest resolution and contrast data. The laser is capable of etching highly resolved graphics and codes so that extremely small labels can carry large quantities of data – for example DNA testing test tubes can each carry a unique identification number encrypted into a tiny ID Matrix code.

ES Precision is an authorised convertor of tesa® tape and can deliver batches of labels to customer specifications. Black or silver (see Figure 3) base materials standard, other colours on request.

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