ES Precision uses erosion cutting techniques to produce fine cuts over moderate areas in thin materials. Metal and ceramic cutting up to 1mm thick material; some plastics and organics up to 5mm.


We can accept 2D CAD layouts of structures that need cutting from thin materials or work from your drawings. Resolutions down to 100 Microns (4 thou) are realistic for very thin materials.
The benefits of cutting materials with lasers:
  • The process is precise and highly repeatable
  • With no physical contact or high pressure gas or liquid, extremely fine and delicate structures are possible
  • Local thermal damage is minimal
  • laser marking of cut components for identification is also feasible, as part of the process.
  • Cutting thicker metals (up to 1mm)
  • Optical inspection using our new computer measuring machine

Erosion Cutting Process

  • CAD file of shape to be cut is uploaded
  • Galvos deflect focused laser beam to rapidly erode outline
  • Material is vaporised to a depth of several microns
  • Repeat until cut complete

Quality Assurance with Keyence Measuring Microscope

  • Parts cut by erosion cutting are measured using this new tool
  • Ultra-precise measurement ensures tolerances are met
  • Detailed dimensioned engineering report available if required
  • 100% QA testing to your tolerances feasible if needed
  • Vanessa Gossage

    “The team at ES Precision (especially Tim, Mel and Tony) have been laser marking/etching our plastic pucks for the past 10 years. We have found them to be extremely helpful and accommodating with no request being too small/onerous for them. They have been extremely responsive in all our dealings with them and we have no hesitation in recommending them.”

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