Lasers perform unseen tasks in the design and manufacture of so many products today – it is often hard to imagine how items we take for granted could even be made without them. ES Precision’s lasers play a small part in making life more comfortable for amputees and also in helping to celebrate the past and current service of our military community.

Blatchford is a British company that develops rehabilitation products, many of which are used by veterans of our armed forces. Their award-winning range of lower limb prosthetics are designed to provide the best possible mobility, function and comfort after amputation. Optimal control of a prosthetic limb depends on a comfortable and secure connection between limb and socket. Modern liner technology provides excellent cushioning, but the impermeable and insulating materials can allow a build-up of heat and moisture so they begin to slip and chafe. The patented technology of Silcare Breathe works by letting air and perspiration trapped between the liner and skin to escape through specially designed laser drilled perforations. This results in drier skin and a healthier environment for the residual limb.

ES Precision uses its laser technology to drill Blatchford’s Silcare Breathe liners with holes that are carefully controlled in terms of position and size for a best possible liner wear experience.

Valour Band is another British company, started by a retired army officer, it works with a division of the Royal British legion, Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company, to produce commemorative bracelets which recognise past and current service.

Valour Bands carry a timeline sequence of links representing medals, qualifications and other awards received; they are upgradable with additional links as earned.

ES Precision laser engraves special links with logos for commando, paratrooper, diver and bomb-disposal regiment logos on behalf of Valour Bands Limited. The result is a beautiful and permanent representation on the chosen link.